If someone asks himself where ideas are born, the development, the testing, the sample set, the answer is in this department. You immediately notice the lively setting and the speed at which people move. This is a department where no-one wastes time and everyone is always looking for personal and working satisfaction.

Every brand is assisted by one or more office product development worker as well as a model maker. The first will take care of the alignment of all the necessary information while the second will produce the pattern paper which will pass to the cutting and assembly department for the realization of the prototype and / or sample.

Thanks to this internal process the stylists feel “At home” and can relate to 70 people to test in real time the changes to their prototypes until they obtain the desired result.

Our customers are aware that the modeling department and sampling is as a matter of fact an extension of their company.

The process of industrialization starts from the finished model of the product in which the tools are created together with the needs and the organization of the production cycle. All this is managed by a team manager that leads his team of skilled technicians